Daily Prompt: Pretend

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So what is “Pretend” Movies, books, paintings? But is everything we deem pretend, truly fictional. Every single person in this world have an idea. Of a fictional world. And every person can make that idea possible. That movie you saw. Call it fictional. But the actors, the special effects, and the script are all real. They were all made by human being. So is it more real than fictional. Heh! What is pretend anyway? That is a question we should all ask ourselves.


Daily Prompt: Generous

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Generous, Selfless. Some people consider generous people giving people, but I think not. Sure they can give, but sometime holding back themself fr0m lashing out on you is generous all in itself! And sometime you have to stay generous when everyone else is doing the opposite. I sadly say that with sadness. I need to stay generous. Keep myself from saying what I want to say what I want about that selffish person. But I don’t. And it’s hard. So never say it’s easy to be generous. Cause it’s not.

Daily Prompt: Stylish

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There are so many different styles in the world. So what do we choose that is consider “Stylish”? For me, we decide what is stylish for our own self! For me, my style is T-shirt plus jeans, or jean shorts. Although my leg is very hairy I’ll still wear jean shorts. And T-shirts are not exactly consider fashionable, but who care? I wear what I want to wear, and what I wear is stylish for me!

Daily Prompt: Hike

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Hiking, HOW CAN PEOPLE LIKE IT!? There a tree, oh look another tree… It get boring real quick. And yes, in hiking there are random fun things and sights that happen, but they also seem rare. I walk home everyday and see the same sights. And somehow it’s more fun than seeing identical trees over and over again. Maybe it’s cause my city is more lively. People aren’t scare of other people, unlike animals. And we even have a cat name Bob who come around my neighborhood sometime. Sound better to me than worrying about bugs and spiders in the wood, just looking at trees. I like seeing new things, new sights! But camping is just not that. Walking home is something I don’t mind cause I get to see new things everyday that is going on. But for hiking it’s just tree, tree, tree, spider…. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH SPIDER! Only hike like activity I do everyday is backpacking. Thank a lot school, not. So I like seeing new things, and hiking feel to me like the same old stuff, and so it’s my reason for hating it!

Daily Prompt: Passionate

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Passionate. What a word. I love so many things and dabble in about everything I can get my hand on… Except for sports. I hate sports! What I’m most passionate about is probably my poetry. I love writing down my stories! Always bring great joy! Heh heh! But for me, my passion was something that I used to hate. Why? I don’t know. I didn’t know anything about it. Everyone else hated it, so I hated it. It wasn’t till an English assignment that changed my mind. And my first poem was born. And my passion for poetry kept on growing. I always thought of ideas for poems in words I say, and even use words of poetry in everyday life. That how passionate I’m about poetry. I would love to show you my turn of event for my love of poetry, but I like to kee daily prompt short and simple. I’ll make sure to tell you later. And teach you that lesson!

Daily Prompt: Together

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Funny, I just made a post about something like that. So for me, I had ton of togetherness at the school dance. I join in with the dancing, and just have fun. Together with my classmates. Jumping up and down! And I even join in a Ka Ka line! You know when you are putting your hand on someone else is shoulder and dancing around. I ended up being in a few, and they had most of the student in them. I think that is something I can consider togetherness. All people happily doing one thing in unision. And at the dance we even all did the Cha Cha! All together as one. Or when we join in dances! Like how all of us stop at one point in a song, before pulling our hands up into the air!  All together as one! Something I consider special. Togetherness, with who care who! It bring so much joys being together. No one ever dance alone at a dance. There is always other dancing! It called being together. It can easily bring a smile to someone face!

Have fun, and don’t be afraid to be funny!

So this week at my school was homecoming! Fun time! I actually had ton of fun! So much happened! So many outfits for the dress up days! It was just pure awesomeness!

What happen at my school during homecoming week is that we have dress up days. And each years the week theme is different. Last year it was Movie Land, but I had different dress up days at the time due to being in the middle school at that time. But this year it was Coast to Coast! And it was so much fun! I was so excited for homecoming that I actually planed three out of five of my outfits in advance!

On Sunday, one day before homecoming week, I went over to Gabriela’s house to paint jeans. School spirit jeans! Meet the rest of my friends there too, along with some of the seventh graders. My friends parents seem to have a good income, and her house is quite beatiful. She does live in the more expensive part of our town, and her parents actually designed their house. But Gabriela isn’t one of those sero-typical rich kid. She actually never mention her parent income, but I’m assuming it’s pretty good.

Beside jeans, othe did t-shirts, but we still had fun! Anyway my was the worst! And after that we smores. During that all I painted my jeans the worst, and I would of taken some selfie, cause  my friend Mom had the thing with no phones there but we didn’t mind. It was a night filled of laugher! Like any with my friends, and none of us were afraid to have fun.

The next day of course was Monday of homecoming week. And for Monday it was Hollywood. And when I thought Hollywood I thought fancy stuff. I wore one of my Mom dresses, with some small heels. I had my Mom put on some mascara. First time having makeup on, and well my Mom hated putting it on me. I blink too much apprantly.  I then put on a scraf to cover my bust, and a black jacket to cover my shoulders, just to follow the dress code. Yep, shoulders are evil! But not many been dress coded who had expose their shoulders. Except for the boys. More boys are actually getting dress coded then girls!

I had fun that day admiring what everyone else had on, and handling my heels well! And I looked amazing in that outfit. Everyone else was dress up as movie character and such though. Adrien and Mr.Potato Man did a duet and did the beetle. I thought Adrien was dressing up as himself at first, cause he always wear fancey stuff, till I heard another student say that they were the beatles. The two actually pose, with Mr.Potato Man resting his head on top of Adrien, and post the picture to Instagram!

john-lennon-paul-mccartneyThis is how Adrien and Mr.PotatoMan posed. No these are not them. Their cosplay was not as good as the real deal!

After school that day, I went to Dory’s house to make ton of posters for Homecoming, to place around the school! Which spending time with her is always fun!

Next day we had a really good costume! It was Texas Tuesday, and I just wore jeans, my dad fannel shirt, and heels that look like cowboy boots. While my classmate, Garroth wore a long white cowboy hat, with a cowboy outfit with it! He even did a bit of standup comedy with it, being the comidian he is! IT WAS AMAZING! And he won the costume contest that day! Totally deserve it, I say. Nice laugh during studyhall from him!

And Wendsday was Washiton DC. So we were our red, white, and blue of course. I only had a Superman t-shirt, which I look good in! But another classmate won the pick for best costume. Now Jo-Jo Were a peace sign hat that was red, white and blue, on top of red, white and blue hair! And whenever people passed him in the hallway, he slowly take out a peace sign making everyone laugh! He won.

And the next day was Tampa Beach Thursday! I wore a pink t-shirt, a pink long skirt with a pattern on it, a white Swim jacket coverup from OP, a flower in my hair, and two shell braclet, one on each hand, and one necklace on my neck.

Jo-Jo then nail it! He wore a coconut bra! Heh! He didn’t win though.

That Thursday afternoon I help chalk the sidewalk for Homecoming! The sidewalk had our phase at the top saying “Fear the Spear” With our logo under it. And underneath that was Homecoming 2k16, and our school name. I then draw out Coast to Coast, and underneath that was the themes days. Then Dory went and said “I hope it doesn’t rain”… YOU JINXED US! That night we got two INCHES of rain! Accouring to Dory she knocked on wood. SHE DIDN’T KNOCK HARD ENOUGH! XD

So no one saw my wonderful palm tree. But the next day I definitly got the best costume! Spirit Friday outfit of course. So I wore my school flag as a cape, a purple finger, and a purple flower I put in my hair. I also wore a school tshirt, and the jeans I made at Gabriela. It was never annouce who won, but I think it would of been me! And that day we also had free lunch, that we were suppose to eat outside, but rain came down. Not to mention we also had a water ballon thing too, before it rain! Oh well.

That afternoon I went to the homecoming game before the dance. I got my face painted, and then watch the game with my friends. But what trully was the grand part of the time was the dance. I never been to any big dance, so this felt amazing. I couldn’t help but wonder hearing the DJ and watching all the spinning lights! I happily dance, like everyone else, with a smile on my face. Even when my friends came one of them was nervous, but she seem to have warm up with the dance. I loved the dance. I even dance with a boy for the slow dance. We weren’t good slow dancer.

But sadly my little sister decided to not dress up homecoming week cause she thought it was stupid. She didn’t see how to have fun. To joke around. She was afraid to act silly! Unlike us, and as you can tell, I had fun. So whenever you have a chance to be silly take it. Had fun with life! Don’t be aftaid! Just have fun!