Sometime you can’t meet someone the first time you meet them.

So hello, this right here is my first post. And I guess the first thing first is to tell you what this blog is gonna be about. I’m planning on telling you pieces of wisdom by using stories from my personal life. Names are always change of course! Now that’s cover what get down to the basic!

Remember when you meet your best friend? I remember my was pretty fine. I was once in fifth grade and meet Katniss and well the exchange of who we are went pretty well, I’ll say. Still friends to this day. But it doesn’t always work that way. Sometime when you meet someone, you don’t truly “meet” them. Now let me explain to you with a story from this summer.

So I actually had a great summer and all with it’s up and down. I became close friend with Dory. But the first expirence with her sister was not the same. Now one day I went over to the pool. It was pretty normal for me to do so. When I go I usually find Dory there with a few other. That day she brought along someone else too. Someone who didn’t like me. Dory sister. Well I think step sister, but it really doesn’t matter. I’m gonna call her Emmalyn. Anyway when I was at the pool with her she kept splashing me. I first thought she was being playful, but I quickly learn otherwise. When the four of us, got out of the water, and sat down I learn that I wasn’t the only one who is beginning to not like her. Oh, and yes I said four people. The last person was the same person who I said didn’t like her, I’m gonna call her Una… Cause I really can’t think of a fictional character that I relate this person to. Anyway when we sat down, Emmalyn went over to go get food from the concession stand. So I mention how I didn’t think Emmalyn like me. Dory said that it probably cause of my personality which I can understand, and Una said she doesn’t like Emmalyn, and that she knew why she doesn’t like me. I never got the reason. When Emmalyn came back Una explain to us after talking about other things that she found that if you squirt two water gun at a person back repeatedly that it would tickle. So with my consent she use me as an example. It didn’t exactly work on me, which Una theory to why was cause I was wearing a swimsuit that fully cover my back. So minutes later Emmalyn try to do the thing to my back without my consent. I swatted away the water guns, cause unlike Una attempt the water from the guns were hitting the skin that was on the back of my neck, and Emmalyn┬ádid it without warning. When Emmalyn complained about how I didn’t react to the watergun the same way I did with Una. UGH! Some time travel a few hours. We were in the pool again, and Emmalyn started squirting me with a watergun again. So annoyed with her, squirting me with a water gun all day, I told her to stop again and again, till I had to scream at her to stop. She still didn’t. Luckily Una told her to “Please stop” and she stop! When questioned why she didn’t stop when I told her to, all she said was that I didn’t say “Please”! And Dory defended her sister by saying that she was yell at all her life, which I found to be a stupid excuse. I used to be made fun of all the time as a kid, and do you see me using it as a excuse!? NO! Luckily the pool closed before the disscussion could get so far. I didn’t want to go to night swim that night. So after that night every time I encounter Dory, Emmalyn acted excited for me to take my leave. She slowly became friendly and friendlier to me. Eventually she told me that she act rudely when she meet new people. That is really there to show ya, that a book can’t be judge by it’s cover!

So this is the end of my first post. I really hope you take this story to heart when you meet someone new. Anyway, I hope to be able to post weekly! And if you happen to find this, please comment down any errors I made and your thoughts on my skills.