Daily Prompt: Together

via Daily Prompt: Together

Funny, I just made a post about something like that. So for me, I had ton of togetherness at the school dance. I join in with the dancing, and just have fun. Together with my classmates. Jumping up and down! And I even join in a Ka Ka line! You know when you are putting your hand on someone else is shoulder and dancing around. I ended up being in a few, and they had most of the student in them. I think that is something I can consider togetherness. All people happily doing one thing in unision. And at the dance we even all did the Cha Cha! All together as one. Or when we join in dances! Like how all of us stop at one point in a song, before pulling our hands up into the air!  All together as one! Something I consider special. Togetherness, with who care who! It bring so much joys being together. No one ever dance alone at a dance. There is always other dancing! It called being together. It can easily bring a smile to someone face!



Hey Internet! And this is my blog to speak out my problem and life! I hate to be define by what I like and my interest. There more to me than that. As much of I like being complemented on my poetry, it isn't what define me. And that for who I am. I like to keep that a secret. So spread the word about my blog. I love to help other and make them happy, and maybe just one of my post will be a nice connection. Who know. Maybe I'm the girl sitting next to you in class. No one knows who I am.

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