Daily Prompt: Passionate

via Daily Prompt: Passionate

Passionate. What a word. I love so many things and dabble in about everything I can get my hand on… Except for sports. I hate sports! What I’m most passionate about is probably my poetry. I love writing down my stories! Always bring great joy! Heh heh! But for me, my passion was something that I used to hate. Why? I don’t know. I didn’t know anything about it. Everyone else hated it, so I hated it. It wasn’t till an English assignment that changed my mind. And my first poem was born. And my passion for poetry kept on growing. I always thought of ideas for poems in words I say, and even use words of poetry in everyday life. That how passionate I’m about poetry. I would love to show you my turn of event for my love of poetry, but I like to kee daily prompt short and simple. I’ll make sure to tell you later. And teach you that lesson!



Hey Internet! And this is my blog to speak out my problem and life! I hate to be define by what I like and my interest. There more to me than that. As much of I like being complemented on my poetry, it isn't what define me. And that for who I am. I like to keep that a secret. So spread the word about my blog. I love to help other and make them happy, and maybe just one of my post will be a nice connection. Who know. Maybe I'm the girl sitting next to you in class. No one knows who I am.

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