Daily Prompt: Hike

via Daily Prompt: Hike

Hiking, HOW CAN PEOPLE LIKE IT!? There a tree, oh look another tree… It get boring real quick. And yes, in hiking there are random fun things and sights that happen, but they also seem rare. I walk home everyday and see the same sights. And somehow it’s more fun than seeing identical trees over and over again. Maybe it’s cause my city is more lively. People aren’t scare of other people, unlike animals. And we even have a cat name Bob who come around my neighborhood sometime. Sound better to me than worrying about bugs and spiders in the wood, just looking at trees. I like seeing new things, new sights! But camping is just not that. Walking home is something I don’t mind cause I get to see new things everyday that is going on. But for hiking it’s just tree, tree, tree, spider…. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH SPIDER! Only hike like activity I do everyday is backpacking. Thank a lot school, not. So I like seeing new things, and hiking feel to me like the same old stuff, and so it’s my reason for hating it!



Hey Internet! And this is my blog to speak out my problem and life! I hate to be define by what I like and my interest. There more to me than that. As much of I like being complemented on my poetry, it isn't what define me. And that for who I am. I like to keep that a secret. So spread the word about my blog. I love to help other and make them happy, and maybe just one of my post will be a nice connection. Who know. Maybe I'm the girl sitting next to you in class. No one knows who I am.

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