Daily Prompt: Recharge

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I always seem to need to recharge my phone, and laptop all the time! I never remember to recharge it at home, and then it’s go dead, when I need it! Like just the other day at school I was angry, and I wished to talk to my Mom, but then my phone die! Luckily I brought my charger, so I could recharge it! I guess I forget to recharge sometime and just keep on going and going. Just like my computers and phone. I keep on letting them go on and on, and then forget to recharge them.

Life can’t keep on going without a little charge once in awhile, but when we do take the time to plug yourself into the outlet, we can become ready for a new task!


Just roll with the joke!

So a few years back it was my first year of middle school. Passing period, having ten thousands different teachers, oppose to just one is basically new to me. But despite that I did fine with the teacher changing… except for one,(Cough, Cough Social study, Cough Cough) But that beside the point. What gonna happen now, is that I’ll explain an inside joke! Yeah! I’m not gonna be one of those people who go like, “It’s a inside joke,” and not explain what it’s about! I mean I want to be able to picture the joke in my head too!

It all started at the beginning of sixth grade. I had my locker next to this one boy. I didn’t crush on him, but he did become a fun part of my life! I got a hard time at name, so I remember him by Mr.Potato Man, till I figured out his name, which yes I did figure it out. You are probably asking me “Why,  I remember him by Mr.Potato Man?”. Well you’ll get it when I finish the story.

Where was I… Oh yeah, Boy next locker to me! So one day, Mr.Potato Man told me that I stole his potatoes. I don’t quite remember the first time, cause he did this the whole year! I did pretend to hate it at the beginning of the year, but secretly I was laughing! I slowly began to show I enjoy it, and that Christmas I gave him a wrap up potato. It took him a few guesses to get what it was, but when he realize what it was, he was laughing! And then the joke slowed down, but other students already caught on to the joke and they joke with me about it too.

So next year came, and the joke had die down a bit. A few people still joke about it once in a while, but I had yet to play along with it. But that year, the final day of school before Christmas break, I gave Mr.Potato Man a potato. Now Mr.Potato Man don’t joke around much about the potato anymore, but I gave it to him. Although it was only a thank in the hallway with a smile on his face, during lunch I was sitting at my usual table, while Mr.Potato Man was sitting at another. Now my friend, let call her Marinette was crushing on her crush… again. Let call her crush Adrien… I’ve been watching WAY too much Miraculous lately.

Anyway So then my former crush who was also sitting at that table, look at my table, holding up the potato I gave Sh- I mean Mr.Potato Man. My table ended up laughing. Oh and I’m calling my former crush August. Pretty great moment if you ask me.

Oh and after school that day I got so many questions of why I gave him the potato from the sixth graders!

A few days after Christmas break, for lunch one of the option were potato’s. Near the end of Lunch this one kid came up and gave me a potato, and said it was from Sh- I need to stop writing his actual name! Anyway, the potato brought a good laugh, and I had some teasing from Marinette about how Mr.Potato Man and I as a couple. She attempted to draw a heart into the potato, and when that heart fail, she use the potato as a metaphor, by pulling the cut in half potato in half, and bringing them together. Kind of like how in Lion King two, how  Rafiki used that shell fruit thing, and cup it together. (Click this link, and fast forward to the 0:40 mark to understand what I mean.)

This year, Mr.Potato Man and I don’t really talk much, partly cause we don’t have any classes together, but I still get jokes about stealing potato’s. And I had started to play along. And I find myself having a lot of fun doing so!

The day I started writing this post was last Friday, and that Friday was a football game for my school. So when we went to get food, a friend of mine said that I should get Mr.Potato Man a potato! And of course I did, although she was joking! And of course I did and he was laughing like crazy when I gave it to him! And I got it all on tape, and posted it on Instagram! If you did see that video and are being reminded of someone else, then you are probably from the same school as I am!

Anyway, sometime rolling with the joke, is what can bring such fun and happiness! As proof here! So try rolling with those jokes sometime! I know that, that joke about stealing a potato had become a staple in my life!

Daily Prompt: Twinkle

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Twinkle, Twinkle little star, How I wonder what you are… Been so long since I even thought about that song. But I now realize how much meaning it have! As a kid I never really memorized lyrics past the Like a “Diamond in the Sky”. So what does the first four line in this song mean exactly?

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. 

So far we know that this star is talking about someone who the narrator admire.

How I wonder what you are?

So maybe this person doesn’t know much about this person, but found him admirable anyway. Maybe they wonder about how they are so helpful, but is yet to know who this helpful person is. But maybe it’s a mysterious person that is kind of guiding light, like how sailor use stars to guide their way, but the identity of the person is secret.

Up above the world so high

So I’m assuming this man is seen as powerful, and important in this young eye. But I personally think it’s saying God. Maybe the whole song is about a little girl trying to figure out who God is?

Like a diamond in the sky

So we also know that this person is seen as tough, beautiful, and amazing. Even unbreakable cause a diamond is the hardest rock.

So how do I see this song now? Well I believe this song is speaking of God. More likily a young child trying to figure out who the Lord is. I don’t know about you guys view this, but for me it’s the Lord it’s speak of. I hope to hear about how you view this song!

Daily Prompt: Cake

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Cakes! I got such a history with these things called cakes! Cakes are usually connected with birthdays party and such! But for me, I always remember a man named Duff when it come to cakes. So who remember a show called “Ace of Cakes”? The one on Food Network which had a group of baker in a bakery making cakes. But not just any originally cakes! CAKES WITH MOVING PARTS, AND NOT TO MENTION FIREWORKS! I loved that show when I was a little girl! I wanted to be a cake artist just like Duff. My Mom actually once even email him, and he sent to my home an autograph signed by the man himself! IMG_2966Autograph from Duff.

I remember learning of the show cancellation, and I was so angry when I heard. I was too young to understand concepts like show cancellations and such.

And even though the show had been canceled my dream of being a cake artist stayed around for many years, but had since evaporated since I found new interest in mythology, poetry, and even world travel. But he’ll still be an important part of my childhood. And if, by the slightest chance, that Duff is reading this, I want to thank you. My childhood would never been the same without you!

Daily Post: Eclipse

An eclipse,

Pretty rare thing I’ll say!

Usually seen when the light is low,

To experience the thing you’ll never see again.

But if you take the effort, to stay up late,

I promise you,

You will be amaze!

Daily Prompt: Sidewalk

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Sidewalks? huh? It really is funny how sidewalk can connect to so many places! One town could easily be connected to each other simply by using those cement slabs!

Every day I would walk to school following the trail that was left for me, and so many other to travel upon. But sometime I take my feet off the cement and take to the grass. Not many take the grass. It’s much more messy and wet. It hadn’t been paved. Less traveled. But I can’t take the glass the whole way there. The grass isn’t long enough! So I would have to follow the footsteps of many other. When I do though I would see people up ahead heading in the same direction as I was, and people behind me too! Sometime the people even travel along side me! But they all started from different places, but had the goal of reaching the same destination!

And when I’m walking back home, it’s a different story. I’ll start walking with other. Laughing, and giggling with each other! But one by one, we have to take our leave. We started out in the same place, but we all had different goals. Some people end up staying with you longer than other, but other leave much more quickly. But in the end, we would face our final destination alone.

All because of the invention of the sidewalk! People come and go. Using the sidewalk as their path. As life go on, people keep on walking on the same paths. And this cycle might never stop.

There no such thing as a good day. There no such thing as a bad day.

So today (Today, as in the time I wrote this. That was Wednesday.) during first period during school I was in study hall. I was writing a post about Homecoming for my blog. But due to recent events, that idea had changed! I had a bad afternoon. That was why it changed! Oh, and before I get started let me remind you that all the names I used are not the people actual names! I probably not gonna used many names this time though.

I’ll tell you that my day didn’t start out terrible… except waking up! I HATE MORNINGS!  But that kind of the norm and I was just not into getting out of my comfy bed. I did fine in the morning. Anyway study hall was fine. Next class I had science which was also fine, and a bit interesting learning about the plates and all that jazz. Then History which was okay.

So you might be having trouble figuring out why my day was so bad when it seem pretty normal right now! Well the first sign didn’t appear till I had to go to seventh period.

Oh and seventh period was after fourth period today, due to having an early out. In my school every Wednesday we have a early out schedule. For my school it’s 1st, 2nd, 3rd, then seventh, 4th 5th 6th 8th, 9th.

So in my head I knew I had to go to English, which I got for seventh and ninth period. But I also knew that English was upstairs, and the class I got after that was Health which was fourth period, and down in the middle school. So it took a while to go from English to Health, so I had to take both my health and English stuff to English. I did it everyday so far during my second week of school, so although it was annoying it really didn’t bother me enough. But I made a mistake going to English. I made my way down to the middle school building, instead of up the stair case… When I figured that out I was already late for class, although only about a minute. That was the first sign that I didn’t even see at the time it was happening.

So in English class I will admit to having the worst class ever! THEY ARE SO LOUD! Oh and the teacher also agree! But they didn’t bother me too much during this first period. In English my teacher made this thing called Morning bell thingy. I don’t know what it’s exactly called, but we had to write our thoughts on something. Today it was favorite childhood movie. I choose Spirit which still is my favorite movie, but that’ll be saved for a different post. I have way too much to say about it! When I said it to class I made a connection with the person I was sitting with who also love Spirit! Nice little connection there. So then it came time for Homeroom after health which was nice. So I just had to read, and then stay in there for Student Senate, and eat lunch… which Lunch wasn’t the greatest. So my Mom packed a wrap up, containing ham, turkey, cheese, spinach, and DRESSING! Now I try to tell my Mom no on the dressing this morning but she convince my otherwise by saying it would be dry the other way around. Which I would be fine with, but I hate ranch! I didn’t let this bother me much though, it simpla annoyingy was not a good tasting lunch, and that’s that. A nick pick.

Next I had to go to math after lunch which I actually like… Although algebra prove to be confusing. So that pass. Now next period home-tech is where it was all begin to go wrong.


Oh, great! Who let in the annoying person? Either way the person have a point. This post is being written in two different days. That why I used the term “Yesterday”

Anyway where was I before I was disturbed! Oh yeah, Home-tech. So in Home-tech I got one of the worst kids in the school, you know the one who just make it impossible to learn!  So he was a bit of a bother. The “Teacher”, was showing us a lab demonstration, and he just kept on talking again and again. Sigh. Although he wasn’t enough to cause me to go insane try dealing with a whole class of those type of people! Yes, the next and final class was English. The worst class.

This time the teacher couldn’t talk for a minute without having to give a speech to the class about their terrible behavior.  I wonder why…. OH YEAH, THEY’RE DISRUPTIVE AND SELFISH! All they do is talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk, while four of us are actually interested in what the teacher have to say to prepare for the test! And some might call me selfish too for wanting them to be quiet so I can get work done, but if I wasn’t being selfless I would have lash out to them! AND I AM NOT PRETTY WHEN I DO SO! I was holding myself back! And the teacher did noticed frustration on some of the students faces and directly told the jerks in the class that there are some student frustrated with them! LIKE THEY CARED! Ugh! And should I mention that one of my foot was hurting me every time I step on it walking home?

So reading over this I realized that my day wasn’t so bad, but it wasn’t so good too. At first I thought I had the lesson that everyone have their days, but rereading this I realized that a bad day is always mix in with good things. Same go for the good ones. So the truth is we can never have a good day. We can never have a bad day either. Every negative have to have a positive! Something I had realized today! Thank to blogging. Also I’m really sorry if you hate hearing me ranting, but I find blogging like a diary, but unlike a diary you actually have no one to try to connect your feeling with… But I guess that a topic for another day. See ya next week!